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What Dietitians Want You to Know

April 2, 2018

By Jessica da Silva, RD, LD at UnityPoint Health - Marshalltown

Food police, that is how many view dietitians. Maybe you have seen a dietitian or have been referred to a dietitian by your physician and are hesitant to make an appointment. Instead of worrying about us judging you and your food choices, consider us a coach. We are here to empower you to make better choices based on your individual situation.

We do ask an awful lot of questions!

This is just to get an accurate picture of your overall lifestyle. We are interested in more than just what you eat. Health, physical activity, medications and supplements can all play a role in how your body metabolizes or absorbs different nutrients.

Be honest!

Remember, we are here to help you not to pass judgement! If you aren’t reporting everything you eat or the correct amounts, we can’t get an accurate picture of what is going on and how we can best help you.

Our ultimate goal is to find out where you are and what matters to you.

We will not give you a list of everything you are doing wrong and try to force you to abide by our beliefs. We will listen to you to find out YOUR goals. Then we will help to provide the roadmap to reach your destination.

We are an expert in all things pertaining to food.

We can help you to filter out the facts from fiction when it comes to food. Bring your questions with you. If we do not know the answer we will research it for you.

Remember, most of us became dietitians because we LOVE food, not because we hate it! We love our fruits and vegetables and we love our sweets. We can help you come up with a sensible plan that includes all your favorite foods.

Click here for more information about what a registered dietitian can do for you.

To find out more information on how small changes to your diet can help with your health goals, contact your UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown dietitians at (641) 854-7530 or dietitians@unitypoint.org.

Click here to find out more information about UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown’s Nutrition Services.

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