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Provider Spotlight: Dr. Joe Ahluwalia - UnityPoint Health - Marshalltown Emergency Department

November 3, 2017


When did you know you wanted to be a provider? 

My father is a veterinarian, and mother is a nurse. I followed my dream by watching their dedication to their patients every day I grew up. I knew I wanted to solve complex medical cases in a multi-disciplinary approach.

What makes your day at work the most fulfilling?

Fulfilling my community in the best possible way, and striving to make a positive difference in everyone's lives we touch. Watching our team centered approach touch many lives is the most rewarding.  

What’s a perfect day off work look like? 

My perfect day off includes connecting to nature. The 4 seasons in Iowa are amazing. Reflecting on how to be a better person and provider. This includes diet, friends and family. Trying to be a great role model for my three year old daughter is important.

What do you think your team excels at most and why?

My team excels at communication, and being aware of critical, as well as non-critical situations. We strive for the best possible outcome. Leading by example is very important. We are able to mentally plan ahead to prepare for every patient.

Can you speak of your department? 

My department is excellent. Everyone has a voice and we are unified. It is important that everyone has a role in patient care. A team centered approach obtains the best possible outcome. Every patient is equally important, no matter what the presentation. Team huddles are great too. Excelling in communication is the most important part of our job in the ever changing Emergency Department.

What are your words to live by? 

Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination.

Do you have a role model? 

My role models are my patients and nurses. Learning every day from one another and getting better.


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