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UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown EMS Updating and Growing Its Fleet

May 28, 2020

These days, it isn't just patients who are getting healthier and stronger at UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown. The EMS service is on quite a roll, as well.

When UnityPoint Health took over the bankrupt Marshalltown hospital in 2017, they inherited four notably depreciated ambulances. Fast forward to today, when the hospital has purchased and received three new ambulances with $750,000 in capital funds, bringing its fleet to eight, including five being active during peak periods. Along the way, the community also came forward and contributed over $400,000 for two new ambulances in 2018-2019.

"With the increase of heart attacks, strokes and other medical emergencies, having a bigger fleet of ambulances is crucial," said Nick Heintz, Manager of Emergency Management Services for UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown. "With five vehicles active, we can be more efficient in routing our ambulances and stretching the regions we support, like Marshalltown, Conrad and Grinnell."

The three new ambulances will look the same as the previous two ambulances, which were purchased by the community through a UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown Foundation project in 2018.

The three new ambulances:

  • Are larger than previous models, and they feature a liquid-air ride system, which increases the comfort for patients in the back
  • Include all-wheel drive, which provides more safety and improves service during Iowa winters
  • Contain DVD players mounted to the ceiling to provide calming entertainment for patients during transports, especially children
  • Feature the same interior design as previous ambulances, which reflects preferences of EMS providers

"We're so grateful for the addition of these ambulances," said Heintz. "They’re expensive, but they're needed, and they represent a significant investment in the healthcare of Marshalltown and its surrounding communities."


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