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DAISY Award Winner: Penny Hoffman

August 23, 2019

Penny Hoffman has dedicated her nursing career to the Marshalltown community. Now, everyone is giving back.

Hoffman has been named the latest recipient of the Daisy Award, which rewards excellence in nursing and recognizes the clinical skills, extraordinary compassion and care exhibited by nurses every day.

From an early age, Penny wanted to be a nurse. She started volunteering at our hospital at age 14 and has stayed right here. In 1989, she was hired as an assistant X-Ray technician and graduated as an RN in 2000. She then transferred to the Med-Surg floor, where she’s remained for the past 19 years.

Thirty years later, it’s clear she gives her best to her patients and remains committed to the UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown hospital, her family and the community.

Penny was nominated for the award after caring for a man admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. The patient’s wife said her husband received excellent care by all of the medical staff, but Penny stood out from the bunch. Every time she came into his room, the patient was greeted by a genuine smile and cheery eyes. In fact, the patient said he wanted to get well just to make Penny happy.

“I knew from the age of 4 that I wanted to serve others and become a nurse,” Penny says. “At 6, I purchased my first Florence Nightingale book and, after reading it, was convinced more than ever that I would be a nurse who not only cared for the sick, but strove to touch each patient’s heart with compassion and caring.”

“Penny’s longevity and commitment to the hospital and community are such a testament to her desire to serve her patients,” said Jen Arneson, RN and hospital manager. “Her compassion, empathy and care for her patients were made very clear in her nomination.”

“Thank you to Mr. J. Patrick Barnes and his family for such a wonderful award,” Penny said. “I am so touched and humbled to be honored in this way, and I’m extremely grateful to the patients and staff who nominated me.

“I also have to thank all the incredible nurses who deserve this award and have taught me along the way.”

About the DAISY Award
The DAISY Award is a program that rewards excellence in nursing. It was created by The DAISY Foundation to recognize the clinical skills, extraordinary compassion and care exhibited by nurses every day. The award is given to outstanding nurses in more than 1,500 hospitals, in 9 countries. To nominate an outstanding nurse for a DAISY award, click here

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