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Central Iowa Healthcare Adds Latest Technology in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

February 1, 2016

Central Iowa Healthcare is pleased to announce that it now offers 3D mammography  (breast tomosynthesis digital mammography) at its recently completed Outpatient Center at the intersection of Highways 30 & 14.

In ongoing clinical studies, 3D mammography has shown to reduce the need to call patients back for a “second look” by 20-40 percent. It also improves the detection of invasive breast carcinomas by approximately 40 percent.

The new equipment aids in earlier and more accurate breast cancer diagnoses that result in patients having the best possible outcome.

“We are extremely excited to be able to offer this type of advanced technology to the members of our communities,” said Julie Katzer, Director of Diagnostic Imaging at Central Iowa Healthcare. “Our team is passionate about helping provide optimal care and accurate diagnoses for our patients, and we are thrilled to have access to a new piece of equipment that enhances testing reliability, improves patient outcomes and decreases patient anxiety.”

In comparison to traditional 2D mammography, the new 3D technology allows radiologists to see through layers of breast tissue to better examine any areas of concern and help avoid the overlapping of images, which can obscure signs of cancer or lead to false positives.

The new equipment at Central Iowa Healthcare is similar to traditional mammography and no additional breast compression or time is necessary to complete the test. The GE SenoGraph uses low-dose X-ray and sweeps around the compressed breast in nine exposures to provide enhanced image clarity. Much like traditional mammography, breast compression is vital to obtain an accurate image of the patient’s breast health.

 “As an organization, we provide our communities with the most up-to-date and advanced care practices,” said John Hughes, CEO and President of Central Iowa Healthcare. “The new 3D mammography equipment is just one of the ways we’re able to provide advanced, quality care close to home.”

Central Iowa Healthcare employs two board-certified mammography technologists with a combined 35 years of experience. To schedule a 3D mammogram with the highly skilled staff at Central Iowa Healthcare, please call (641) 754-5076. 

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