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A Letter from Our CEO

June 28, 2019

To Our Patients and Communities at UnityPoint Health,

You may have seen our recent announcement regarding a potential partnership with Sanford Health, a health system based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. As a result, you might be wondering a couple things, like, “Who is Sanford?” and “What’s going to happen next?” Most of all, you may ask yourself, “How could this impact me, my friends and my family members?”

Here’s what won’t change: your physician, care team, hospital, insurance coverage— or the promise we’ve made to you at UnityPoint Health. Showing you how much you matter to this world is our top priority. The people we serve are at the heart of every move we make. You’ve made the choice to trust us with your health care, and we don’t take that decision lightly. Our physicians, team members, hospitals and home care entities are whole-heartedly committed to making your care easier and more personal—because we believe that’s what you deserve.

The opportunity to partner with Sanford represents an opportunity to get bigger, but not for the sake of growth alone. If we get bigger in terms of geography, it’s so we can do better, on your behalf. We are not being sold or acquired—we’reintentionally shaping a new path forward, so we can continue to be your partner in health.

However, a partnership like this opens new doors for our patients and communities. Our Sanford colleagues are a lot like us. They hold steadfast Midwest roots. They are devoted to doing what’s best for patients and families. They understand healthcare is local. And they appreciate the high-quality care and experience we already provide.

But Sanford also brings some amazing possibilities to the table, which allows us to meet and anticipate your healthcare needs. For example, their excellent research across breast cancer and diabetes could help more people go from getting well to living well. It could make all the difference: one more mother able to show up at her daughter’s wedding, one more man with stable blood sugar able to celebrate his grandson’s birthday.

Those incremental numbers matter. Healthcare is not just a name on a bill—it’s the faces and stories of those we serve, today and in the future. This type of partnership enables us to make a more powerful impact on people’s lives and continue to create a personalized approach to medicine. It means we work to deliver the right compliment of services to all our communities, whether 10,000 or 300,000 strong. We are dedicated to looking at your whole health journey, so we can provide you with access to the best physicians, team members, research, innovations and service—because that’s what we want for our loved ones.

We’ve been in some of our communities for more than one hundred years. And we are committed to making healthcare better for the next 100 years, too. As we continue to explore this partnership with Sanford, know we’ll keep you informed along the way, but our physicians and team members will stay focused on what matters most: our relationship with you.

Kevin Vermeer
President & CEO
UnityPoint Health

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