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911, What is your emergency?

February 1, 2019

No one ever wants to call 911. Not only does it mean someone is in need of emergency care but it also means there will be a chain of events most likely taking you or a loved one to the hospital.

Within minutes, you will have first responders, law enforcement and ambulance attendants at your door step. While most will knock, in reality, they may also let themselves in if the door isn’t answered promptly.  Why? Because these experts are trained to get you help immediately and you or a loved one, may not be able to get to the door quickly.  Once inside, it is helpful if you or a loved one speaks loudly or yells your location within the home so we can get to you faster.

Once crews arrive, you will be asked questions from several people, each with an important role.  Someone will be asking you for your patient information, while another will be asking about your recent activities, while others will be quickly applying diagnostic equipment. Some of the equipment includes a blood pressure cuff and cardiac monitor which monitors your heart’s activity.

As the team hustles in a choregraphed way, you will be placed in an ambulance and transported to UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown. Unfortunately, family members cannot ride with you in the back of the ambulance as there isn’t enough room as medics start IV’s, administer medications, etc.  Also, the ambulance medics also communicate with the emergency room staff as you are in transit so they know your condition before you even arrive at the hospital for safe hand-off.   

At UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown Ambulance, we want to give you the best treatment and care possible.  In fact, we’ll treat you as one of our family members.  We will advocate for you and most importantly, provide you the care we would expect from family.

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