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Where to go for Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

UnityPoint Health wants you to know how to connect with the care you need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Phone Numbers

Patient rooms may be called directly from the outside by dialing (641) 754-5 and the room number. Since patient room assignments may change, your relatives and friends should check with the information desk to retrieve your correct room number.

Following is a list of our phone numbers. When using a hospital phone to access an outside line, press "9" then the 7-digit telephone number. To dial in-house numbers, dial the last four numbers. 

Main Number (641) 754-5151
Administration (641) 754-5145
Cardiac Rehab (641) 754-5178
Emergency Room (641) 754-5040
Environmental Services (641) 754-5020
Food and Nutrition Services (641) 754-5050
Senior Healthcare Insurance Information (SHIIP)     (641) 754-5399
Lab (641) 754-5080
Lifeline (641) 754-5007
Lost and Found (641) 754-5020
Patient Information (641) 754-5152
Patient Representative (641) 754-5287
Physical Rehabilitation
     Outpatient (641) 754-6120
     Inpatient (641) 754-5039
Marketing/Public Relations (319) 235-3868 
Social Services (641) 754-5142
Wound Healing Center
(641) 754-5093  
(641) 754-8025



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